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Name PlaneShift 0.3.017 (linux)
Torrent PlaneShift 0.3.017 (linux)
Info Hash 09f99cee73993cdcc8635adcd90f980d1de5bcf6
Description "Follows a list of improvements, some of which we still have to activate in game.

- Improvements to minigames
- Improvements to NPCs AI, they are now able to explore, search and identify resources, finally harvest.
- Fixed crafted item quality
- Partial rewrite of crafting functionalities, will be easier to manage/expand for us
- Fixed few bugs on NPC movement
- Upgraded the cal3d animation engine to version 0.11
- Upgraded the crystalspace 3d rendering engine to 1.0
- Usage of the new particle system
- Fixed char selection screen to display equipped items
- Added button to Glyph window for spell research
- Added capability to manage area spells
- Added Active magic window
- Containers can now hold glyphs without disrupting casting
- added new animations for female ynnwn
- added new monsters variations
- added helms for all races (except ynnwn male)
- added new Kran animations
- upgraded particle effects for the new system (still to tweak)"
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