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Name Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 1.5 (dvd)
Torrent Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 1.5 (dvd)
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Description "This is perhaps the most anticipated release to date, the servers are loaded to the hilt.  Please DO NOT download this if you are running UUE 1.4 (script upgrade will take care of you).  Above all please help out others and torrent it.  Since the 4th of this month (16 days at time of posting) 1.4 to date has seen over 7 TB (nothing less then 2.6 TB a week by stats) of bandwidth just from main download server well over 2 million requests of 1.4 CD & DVD just 1 server, I remind you we have many mirrors 10 in all hosting UUE, one 200 people at a time is at max capacity on one of his 2 servers.  I can not stress how important that it is to torrent this release.  We do have a mirror to host 1.5 to try and take the load off snaple a great guy wanted to absorb 1.4 as well (may have his hands overfull in just 1.5), please, please torrent after you get it.

    This release was built based off Ubuntu Ultimate 1.4 DVD.  There will be no 64 bit edition. This is Ubuntu Ultimate 1.4 DVD with KDE, Enlightenment, XFCE, and Windowmaker to name a few added and user selectable from the login window (7 in all).  This is the last in the series of Feisty Fawn based.  This is basically Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu and others combinded, along with additional software integraded; This is the UUE 1.3 of Edgy based distro only Feisty Fawn; respectivly speaking.

    Please be aware this release is the largest release minus Gamers made to date (it will be under a serious load so please help out and torrent), weighing in at 2.2 Gigabytes (too large for me to serve 2GB max per file here).  Those that run UUE 1.4 when the script is updated will have the option to "Upgrade" to this release.  So please don't download it if you run UUE 1.4 you will want to wait for the script update, beyond that I have tried and have sucessfully "Upgraded" to Gusty Gibson what will be 1.6 using this release (no script update until Gusty Gibson goes final, I have my hands well overfull).  Please don't PM me unless there is no other solution.  I suppose I should point out I have made an online F.A.Q. more elaborate then here, after all I am 1 MAHN.

    It has all the Applications listed in UUE 1.4 (many additional updates) & the additional environments.  If that isn't enough for you the included "Upgrade" icon on the desktop will download and install for you additional apps / games (by your choice if custom is selected).

    As with any other 1.4+ release in the "Ultimate" series of distrubutions or distros for short; upgrading from 1.4+ to 1.5 to 1.6 (Gusty Gibson based) etc. will be a click of the mouse away and without downloading 2GB every time.  Full releases will still be availible for download.

    I have added a script I wrote (1.4+) that comes up on boot that allows Flash Adobe Acrobat reader, video drivers etc. to be installed & plays music as it downloads them from the Live DVD as well as first time it is boot (installed).

    As always any software that requires a license agreement is not included, Java, Flash, Acrobat reader, Google Earth etc.  Please freat not (1.4+) included in the release is my custom repo hosted on a seperate server which contains all the software and much more.  Unlike Ubuntu Ultimate 1.3, to make life easier for users this distro will install drivers, Flash, and Acrobat reader for you apon booting from the live DVD.  After installed there is an upgrade icon on the desktop that will install Google Earth etc.

    To answer the question... What is Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 1.5?  It is Ubuntu Feisty Fawn with the all the software from 1.4 pre-added, many wireless issues addressed, and additional Enviornments:

   * KDE
   * XFCE
   * WindowMaker
   * Enlightenment
   * Sawfish

    Tons of additional games / apps from Upgrade script are availible just to name a few and only games not enough time in the day around here to write a page for:

   * UFO_AI
   * Astromenace
   * Enemy_Territory
   * Tremulous
   * Americas_Army"
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