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David_b (Members)
13/04/2012 16:59:12
(331 weeks ago)

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Would it be possible for a webseed or "unknow" catagory to be created for torrents? As it is, My best torrents (webseeded) are listed as dead even though I do everything right. As neer as I can tell, the torrent must be dead at first for it to be listed properly. This is not possible when you use one or more webseeds.
Has anyone else noticed how many people have trouble with the tracker? I did my own "Failure: Unregistered Torrent" thread just like a lot of other people, and I was not helped... I guess, as I said, webseed can not be used.

This seems foolish to me! angry.gif

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admin (Owner)
26/04/2012 00:28:03
(329 weeks ago)

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Hey David,

Sorry these are not showing up, I will see if there isn't something we can do about it.


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kompowiec2 (Members)
22/07/2018 13:46:52
(4 weeks ago)

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tihs torrent have about 200 seeders, idk but doesn't have this.

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en3r0 (Moderator)
24/07/2018 11:36:34
(3 weeks ago)

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If it has to do with webseeds, that is still an issue.

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