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Webseeding available
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David_b (Members)
17/12/2016 18:04:01
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I know it can be hard to keep online seeding new torrents, so webseeding is a nice, if rare, option.  To help support this site and the legal torrent community, I'm offering webseeding to some of those who would like it.
I will gladly seed software, disk images (ISO), and other such data.  Most books are also acceptable. At this time, I cannot approve media seeding (movies, music, etc.)  If you are interested, send me a PM, reply here, or apply at my organization's website:

This is a no-guarentee, no-promise offer.  We probably can't seed these forever, but we should be able to help out a bit.

Merry Christmas! smile1.gif

P.S. Subdirectories within a torrent sometimes seem to cause problems.  I'm willing to try such packages, but for best results, create a package which does not contain any folders.

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