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How to upload?
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bluekeys (Members)
22/07/2017 20:13:11
(3 weeks ago)

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I did not receive a verification email, not in spam or inbox. I also don't see where to upload a torrent?

Quick help would be good as the files I want to seed are on an EC2 instance.


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en3r0 (Moderator)
02/08/2017 18:02:15
(2 weeks ago)

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Should be good now. Sorry it took so long!

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MackRose (validating)
18/08/2017 03:03:41
(5 hours ago)

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  Sir, I am user of this torrent.I have some torrent file.I want to upload file.
So, please accepted my account and permission to uplaod file.
Thank you.

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How to upload?
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