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Can't upload a torrent
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cmc75 (Members)
15/02/2018 15:58:40
(158 weeks ago)

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United Kingdom  

I would like to distribute my own utility software, which is clean, through this torrent site, but although I've registered I haven't received a validation email, and can't upload, can anyone help please?
Many Thanks

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en3r0 (Moderator)
16/02/2018 12:43:23
(158 weeks ago)

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United States of America  
Hi, thanks for asking. You are validated now and can upload using the link at the top of the screen.

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Ibrahimzabi (Members)
27/05/2018 07:01:03
(144 weeks ago)

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Hi Legit torrents

I would like to upload license Software's, Media ETC,.
which all are virus-free and legitconfused.gif. Kindly Validate my account and permite me for uploading these files

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en3r0 (Moderator)
02/06/2018 15:15:19
(143 weeks ago)

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You are good to go now. Please keep it legal!

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