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Why so many seeders on this torrent?
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TorrentsAreTheFuture (Members)
30/03/2019 07:40:25
(16 weeks ago)

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How did that happen? Somehow I doubt 56% of Earth's population is seeding this tongue.gif

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en3r0 (Moderator)
30/03/2019 10:54:03
(16 weeks ago)

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Haha! Sometimes the reporting gets broken in the process of getting to you. It may resolve itself though.

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David_b (Members)
30/03/2019 19:59:06
(16 weeks ago)

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Haha! Yes, I doubt very much that there are 4294963633 peers on that torrent.  tongue.gif

It seems there are several bugs in Legit Torrent's tracker.  Oh well.

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