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(RANT) Something I miss about torrents
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hotaru (Members)
04/01/2020 14:37:23
(135 weeks ago)

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I just have some thoughts on something I miss about torrents that Legit Torrents could provide.

Many years ago, when isoHunt was around, it was possible to find all kinds of interesting original written material. They were usually PDF files containing essays, poems, etc., written by anonymous individuals. Sometimes they were rants about politics, society, crime, religion, creationism, mental illness, and school bullying.

Most of these are long gone. Here is an example of one of them which is currently on the Internet Archive:

There are probably a lot more of these on Internet Archive. However, it is impossible to use the site to find them. The whole site is flooded with (1) copyrighted books which shouldn't be there, or (2) content not in English which is almost always related to Islam and the Quran.

Additionally, it is impossible to find independent or Creative Commons music there, because every major label album is available for 30 second streaming, with no way to filter them out from search results.

Another thing you used to find on isoHunt back in the day were collections of pictures. "500 Images of Ice" "200 Green Themed Wallpapers" etc.

I see on LegitTorrents there are occasionally stuff like this released. Most recently someone released something related to QAnon, I haven't downloaded it as I'm not familiar with QAnon but anonymous independent pamphlets like that is what makes sites like LegitTorrents great. I just wish there were more people releasing these and more sites out there. It's probably all there on the Internet Archive but as I previously mentioned it's near impossible to find.

I hope LegitTorrents gets HTTPS and magnet support someday, and that whatever bugs which cause things like Kubuntu to be listed as "dead torrents" get fixed.

Just a nostalgic rant.

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en3r0 (Moderator)
04/01/2020 15:22:02
(135 weeks ago)

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Hi hotaru,

Thanks for saying something like this it is encouraging to know this website still has a place in the world.

There are indeed upgrade that need to happen to this website. However, it is difficult to find the time to make them as it will involve a lot of work to get there. Don't worry though, they will come eventually!

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hotaru (Members)
13/01/2020 14:49:59
(134 weeks ago)

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I've found a few of these things buried inside TPB.

I didn't think TPB was a search engine like IsoHunt was. Always thought it was a tracker.

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