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  1. Are Torrents Legal?
  2. How does BitTorrent work?
  3. Required software (recommended BitTorrent clients)
  4. Help! My download is stuck at 99%!
  5. About firewalls and routers
  6. What kind of stuff can I upload?
  7. Why did a torrent suddenly disappear?
  8. I did not recieve my validation mail what now?
  9. Error: Invalid Client Port, please read the FAQ
  10. What if my question isnt answered here?

  • How does BitTorrent work?
    The .torrent files are small files with only general information about the shared file (size, name, etc) inside of them.
    The server saves this information about the shared files. Then, a user downloads the .torrent file and opens it with a client. The client gets the server address from inside the .torrent file, connects to it and asks who it should connect to get the file. The server responds with a list of 50 random ips from the peer list (or less, depending in how many clients are connected). This process gets repeated several times, every few minutes, until the client disconnects.

    For a more in depth technical explanation of this process, please visit Wikipedia.

  • Required software (recommended BitTorrent clients)
    To download the files, you need a BitTorrent client.
    Here is a little list of some of them.

    Or you could use Google to find one that suits you.
    Just stay away from BitTorrent++, TorrentStorm, Nova Torrent and BitComet. They don't follow the BT protocol correctly.

  • Help! My download is stuck at 99%!
    The more pieces you have, the harder it becomes to find people who have the pieces you need. That's why downloads sometimes slow down or even stop completely. Usually if your patient you will get the remaining pieces.

  • About firewalls and routers
    To be able to download and upload using BitTorrent properly, you need to open the TCP ports 6881 to 6999 to be able to connect to the swarm, and port 6666 and 90 (both tcp) to be able to connect to the tracker. For information on how to do this, please consult your firewall/router maker's site.

  • What kind of stuff can I upload?
    • No spam (make quick money/ online poker/ pyramid schemes, etc, etc.)
    • Nothing offensive.
    • No passworded archives (unless the password iis included in the comments).
    • No trojans, virii, or hacking related stuff.
    • No Porn.

  • Why did a torrent suddenly disappear?
    The main reasons for this are:
    1. The torrent may have been out-of-sync with the site rules.
    2. The torrent was not seeded well.
    3. The tracker used was offline for a sustained ammount of time.
    4. A torrent of the same item was still active.

  • I did not recieve my validation mail what now?
    If you did not recieve your validation mail this is most likely caused by your email provider labeling the mail from this site as spam and blocking it. Check your spam folder to be sure it is not there or alternativly contact the site admin by posting in the forum help section so he can check into it. Right now

  • Error: Invalid Client Port, please read the FAQ
    Many ISP's monitor, throttle or even block certain ports. This is thier attempt to prevent the use of P2P Software In an attempt to prevent people complaining that they cannot connect on a certain port this tracker blocks all default P2P software ports. If you are recieving this error then please change your download port in your torrent client. You will then be able to download as normal.

    Blocked ports are as follows:

  • Direct Connect 411 - 413
  • Kazaa 1214
  • eDonkey 4662
  • Gnutella 6346 - 6347
  • BitTorrent 6881 - 6889

  • What if my question isnt answered here?
    If you cant find the answer to your question in this short FAQ dont worry, these are some other sites where you might find what you are looking for.


    Or if all else fails you can ask a question at our Forums

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