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Name T2 Standard Development Environment 22.9 x86 64 v3 Minimal Desktop gcc glibc ISO
Torrent T2 Standard Development Environment 22.9 x86 64 v3 Minimal Desktop gcc glibc ISO
Info Hash 3d91500975f5a5bbaef0e5b8b91539fe3bbfea1a
Description T2 System Development Environment
... more than a distribution next generation.

T2 SDE is not just a regular Linux distribution - it is a flexible Open Source System Development Environment or Distribution Build Kit (others might even name it Meta Distribution). T2 allows the creation of custom distributions with state of the art technology, up-to-date packages and integrated support for cross compilation. Currently the Linux kernel is usually used, but we also consider to port T2 to support compiling home-brew open source package add-ons on macOS, other BSDs, classic Unix systems (Irix, ...) or support bootstrapping alternative micro kernel systems (like a L4 variant or Fuchsia). Similarly building Haiku, Android, Minix, Hurd, Open (or Pure) Darwin, Haiku and OpenBSD.

T2 started as a community driven fork from the ROCK Linux Project with the aim to create a decentralized development and clean a framework for spin-off projects and customized distributions. Another goal was to provide a more continous release stream for stable security updates.

With T2 you can define targets for various purposes, ranging from embedded linux systems with a few MB of size over server configurations to a full desktop system featuring X.Org foundation, KDE, Gnome, OpenOffice.Org and many more. Those targets can be compiled for use on the most common architectures: Alpha, ARM, HPPA (incl. HPPA64), IA64, MIPS, PowerPC (incl. PowerPC-64), SPARC (incl. SPARC64), SuperH, x86 (incl. x86-64) - theoretically any GCC/Linux supported one.

T2 comes with many predefined targets (desktop, router, live CD ...) and over 2000 package descriptions ready to build. A quick introduction how to compile a target for your favorite architecture can be found here.

Visit the T2 SDE website here:

Donate to T2 SDE Development team via patreon here:

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