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Name SKSApps Website Backup (Webseeded)
Torrent SKSApps Website Backup (Webseeded)
Info Hash 536ecaf286246437d283bcf88faefcc7bae15872
Description was known for it's video game console homebrew applications and emulators. It had an immense collection of great applications and emulators. I personally used this site for years just for that purpose to help enhance my consoles. While the site did support content for other consoles as well it was most well known for it's collection of PS2 software.

The site was loosing interest though and outdated enough to have concern for whether or not it was going to survive. So I made a backup just in case, I posted it on /r/PS2 and a few short months later the site died. I didn't initially plan on uploading the torrent to any trackers but after a few weeks of thought I've decided to do just that.

In order to for yourself use the site you're likely going to have to install an apache server in your PC and put the download in the content of the website.

The site isn't especially large but it'd be very appreciated if anyone who can does seed.

[Note] The backup doesn't contain any of the forums  so anyone looking for a tutorial on the forums I recommend simply use's "WayBack Machine" and set it for July 2016 and that should solve your problem angel.gif

[Note2.0] This torrent is exaclty the same as the previously upload ( previous upload ) except that the piece size is 1/2 of that torrent's pieces and this torrent has a webseed embed into it.
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Edward_Stryfe 24/10/2017 16.26.39
Yeah that's a shame.
David_b 07/01/2017 06.14.08
The webseed isn't working out--too bad!

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