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Name GeckoLinux STATIC Cinnamon x86 64 154.220822.0 ISO
Torrent GeckoLinux STATIC Cinnamon x86 64 154.220822.0 ISO
Info Hash 5e06272826fb6297ab1c17b5cca64ac307a25d98
Description GeckoLinux is a Linux spin based on the openSUSE distribution, with a focus on polish and out-of-the-box usability on the desktop. It is available in Static (based on openSUSE Leap) and Rolling (based on openSUSE Tumbleweed) editions.

GeckoLinux Features
An installable live DVD / USB image based on openSUSE around 1GB in size.

Individual editions for many different popular desktop environments with a pleasant default configuration.

Carefully selected open source desktop programs and proprietary media codecs pre-installed and ready to use.

Beautiful open source font rendering configured out of the box.

Optimal power management with TLP pre-installed.

Much more open source and patent encumbered software available in the pre-configured repositories.

Uses the excellent infrastructure already in place for openSUSE, with no repackaging or modification of packages.

An installed system can be smoothly upgraded to future openSUSE releases while retaining its unique GeckoLinux configuration.

How Is This Different From openSUSE?

GeckoLinux comes as an offline installable live DVD / USB image for Static and Rolling editions, whereas openSUSE has a non-live DVD / USB installer, a net-installer image, or Tumbleweed live DVD / USB with net-installer options.

GeckoLinux offers customized editions optimized for different desktop environments, whereas openSUSE requires the user to know how to install patterns and packages for different desktop environments.

GeckoLinux comes pre-installed with common niceties such as proprietary media codecs, whereas openSUSE for legal reasons requires users to know how to add additional repositories and which packages to add.

GeckoLinux prefers packages from the Packman repo when they are available, whereas some of openSUSE's default packages don't work with patent-restricted features even if the features are installed from other sources.

GeckoLinux comes pre-configured with what many would consider to be good font rendering, whereas many users find openSUSE's default font configuration to be less than desirable.

GeckoLinux does not force the installation of additional recommended packages after system installation, whereas openSUSE pre-installs patterns and automatically installs recommended package dependencies, thus causing many additional and possibly unwanted packages to be installed the first time the package manager is used.

GeckoLinux pre-installed packages can be uninstalled with all of their dependencies, whereas openSUSE's patterns often cause uninstalled packages to be automatically re-installed.

GeckoLinux does not use or pre-install PackageKit, which is known to interfere with the underlying Zypper package management system.

Visit the developers website here:

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