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Name escalator lab (not finished)
Torrent escalator lab (not finished)
Info Hash 6a048fa2f9828d189de1b3af918dc38f27ad0183
Description 1 Virtual Machine image (.ova) used in my second year high school cybersecurity class. "10" levels (8 completed) exploring linux privilege escalation.

Each level the user should find a way to escalate to the next user. Sometimes this means finding passwords in logs, etc, but other times misconfiguration or vulnerabilities. Default user esc0 with pw esc0.

esc0, sec1, sec2, ...

root password = changeme. Please change.

Note: These labs are very simple and aimed at basic skills. Don't expect anything as complex, well-crafted, or realistic as Boot2Root or CTF challenges from other more famous resources out there.
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