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Name VODO Mixtape #1 (2010 Xvid)
Torrent VODO Mixtape #1 (2010 Xvid)
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Description "Drama/Documentary, 2009, 52 mins

"Home Taping Is Killing Music" - the BPI

We're proud to be releasing this first VODO MIXTAPE. Actual tape might be a thing of the past, but before P2P, mixtapes were the most popular way of sharing popular culture the world had known -- and once called the 'most widely practiced American art form'. We want to resuscitate the spirit of the mixtape for this VODO MIXTAPE series: compilations of our favourite shorts, the weird, the wild and the wonky, all brought together in a temporary and uncomfortable company.

Famously, 'Home Taping Is Killing Music' was the slogan of a 1980s anti-copyright infringement campaign by the British Phonographic Industry. The widely parodied slogan reflected the industry's concern that sharing by tape would destroy their business. Back then, punks used mixtape culture to spread their music through networks of fans. We hope the VODO MIXTAPE works the same way, to bring new creative works direct to fans through the culture of sharing. Peer to peer pressure!


Nathaniel Hansen's 'Gilbert' is a stark portrait of Boston's Beacon Hill 'town crier.'


It's the end of the world as we know it, and Prebloc's protagonist saw it coming. Or did he?

Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet tells the story of a simple wedding celebration. A sunny day, a nice place where all newly married couples come to take pictures. But the trust between these Moscow newlyweds is tested when an unexpected guest appears at their wedding photo shoot.

Luckiest One

It's Charley's birthday. He wakes up and decides to throw himself a bowling party. Nobody ends up showing, except for his current roommate and a potential new subletter who's there mainly to talk about the apartment. It looks like a bad birthday for Charley -- but things are on the turn.


Lilah is a psychic, about 55 years old, who has lived within the same 2 block radius in downtown Boston her entire life. Her business and home, and a few of the other area taverns and restaurants, are the last of the 'old time' holdouts.

Watch Alice Bleed

Watch Alice Bleed is a gore-filled stop motion animation. It opens with Alice being decapitated, and having her head fed to the gorehound. Then things start to get gruesome..."
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