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Name Systm Episode 5 - Asterisk
Torrent Systm Episode 5 - Asterisk
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Description " Kevin Rose is joined by John Todd, a well known, leading Asterisk expert, to introduce you to the amazing VoIP (Voice over IP) world of Asterisk, the open source voip telephony toolkit. In this episode, Kevin and John take you through the installation and configuration of this powerful tool, and show how it can be used to give anyone complete control over their phone experiences, such as voice over wifi, eliminating phone costs, choosing from hundreds of VoIP providers, creating your own voicemail and menus, and numbers that follow you..just to scratch the surface.

What is Asterisk? Asterisk is an insanely powerful, yet easy to use, open source voip telephony toolkit (server software) that runs on virtually any platform. It allows anyone to manage VoIP services in their own home in more powerful ways than the most expensive PBX (public branch exchange). For example, it can serve as a gateway from a VoIP service to your copper phone lines, forward calls to your mobile device from wherever you are, allow you to create VoIP connections to anyone on the Internet, manage voicemail, prompts ... a virtually limitless capability depending on how far you want to take it.

Here are some helpful links mentioned in the video:

Configuration files:

       * sip.conf
       * iax.conf
       * extensions.conf
       * voicemail.conf

Asterisk Home Page (Downloads and other information):


Digium (Commercial sponsors for Asterisk and high quality card manufacturer):


Additional Asterisk card manufacturers:


Asterisk Wiki (perfect site for examples, help and all things Asterisk):


John Todd's Advanced Examples Page:


OReilly Asterisk Book, Asterisk: The Future of Telephony


Asterisk-Friendly VoIP Service Providers:

       * Asterisk Wiki List:
       * Teliax:
       * VoicePulse:
       * Broadvoice:

Hardware Vendors:

       * Sipura:
       * Polycom:,1443,pw-34-182-12103,00.html
       * Hitachi-Cable WIFI VoIP Phone:

Some Good VoIP eTailers:

       * Wiki list of suppliers:

   * All Shows
   * ctrlaltchicken
   * diggnation
   * geekdrome
   * indigital
   * infected
   * mose
   * notmtv
   * pixelperfect
   * systm
   * thebroken
   * webdrifter

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