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Name Blender Underground: Blender Basics Video Tutorials (Xvid AVI)
Torrent Blender Underground: Blender Basics Video Tutorials (Xvid AVI)
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Description Please visit the homepage of this tutorial series, Blender Underground. I also encourage you to visit the forums as well.

The Blender Basics series seeks to provide a way for those new to Blender, or those new to 3D graphics in general, to begin to master this powerful and capable application. These video tutorials are provided free of charge, and we hope you enjoy and benefit from them.

Blender Basics Part 1 – This first installment of the Blender Basics Video Tutorial series introduces the user to Blender’s interface, preferences, and basic navigation. If you’re new to Blender, start with this lesson. It’s just over an hour, and will help you get comfortable with Blender’s interface and some of its conventions.

Blender Basics Part 2 – The second video tutorial of the series delves a little more deeply into Blender’s objects, and deals with smoothing and the Subsurf modifier, which is one of the most useful mesh modifiers in existence. This tutorial finishes by introducing the user to Edit Mode, where all the mesh editing magic happens.

Blender Basics Part 3 - This third part of the Blender Basics series of video tutorials gets serious by looking under the hood of Subsurf usage and some of its advanced features. The Edge Split modifier is also introduced as well as some utilitarian practices regarding polygonal meshes, namely merging vertices and extruding geometry. To help solidify what’s been learned thus far, a simple model tutoral is provided at the end of the lesson.

Blender Basics Part 3 Supplemental – This supplement to Part 3 brings into focus features introduced in earlier lessons. This is the result of feedback from several users regarding usage of elements touched upon previously in the series, and makes clear some nifty elements left out of Parts 1-3, such as the Bounding Box Pivot Mode, and a powerful shortcut to using Loop Cut.

Blender Basics Part 4 – The fourth installment in Blender Underground’s beginner video tutorial series deals with a more abstract aspect of Blender, the relationships of objects and data. While this lesson is a mild departure from the previous segments, it deals with subjects that will make advancing the user’s understanding of Blender not only possible, but easier. Take the time to work through this lesson and you’ll find that understanding how Blender deals with data relationships will give you important insights into how Blender works, making more advanced topics easier to understand.

Blender Basics Part 5 – This installment of the series lays a foundation for understanding the Materials panel. Beginning with explanation on the diffuse shader, this tutorial advances to cover the switches and dials of Materials, followed by a lengthy look at Raytracing. Ramp shaders are also covered, long with a brief tutorial on assigning multiple materials.
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