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Name Ubuntu-10.04-32bit-NeTV.ova
Torrent Ubuntu-10.04-32bit-NeTV.ova
Info Hash 8d5f512e1acb687029b8d7cc6c5a84dce51d7a41
Description (This is for the original NeTV a.k.a. NeTV1 that was released in Fall 2011.)

The NeTV open source hardware device enables overlaying your web content on existing HDMI video feeds,
such as those from a BluRay player or cable box. Inside, it's an Angstrom linux box running Webkit
that features chroma-key video compositing. The UI is written in Javascript/HTML, making it easy and
fast to develop your custom application.

The system also features a convenient HTTP API which uses POST commands to issue events to the screen
and control device behavior. This, combined with zeroconf discoverability via Bonjour, makes integrating
NeTV with other networked devices (such as your smartphone or laptop) a snap.

This torrent contains a stand-alone virtual machine appliance with the full NeTV development environment
copied from Amazon EC2 community AMI (Amazon Machine Instance) ami-c0b3f692 Asia-Pacific (Singapore) region.
No graphical environment was included with the AMI but this VM has XFCE-4/LXDE.

Importing Ubuntu-10.04-32bit-NeTV.ova will further uncompress it to approximately 36GB.

Originally created on Windows 10 Pro host using VirtualBox 5.1.30r118389. Prior to exporting to the .ova
file, VirtualBox was upgraded to 5.2.8r121009. VirtualBox Guest Additions are included in the VM.


Ubuntu-10.04-32bit-NeTV.ova.7z     -- 18.4GB compressed, use 7zip to uncompress to 19.4GB
Ubuntu-10.04-32bit-NeTV.ova.7z.md5 -- checksum for file Ubuntu-10.04-32bit-NeTV.ova.7z
Ubuntu-10.04-32bit-NeTV.ova.md5    -- checksum for uncompressed Ubuntu-10.04-32bit-NeTV.ova

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