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Name CD3WD 5.0 DVD 5 of 5 ISO
Torrent CD3WD 5.0 DVD 5 of 5 ISO
Info Hash 92946bb9e032f836aa44b2e3270589572d5df1ad
Description Cd3wd – helping the Third World to help themselves.

Cd3wd is a project trying to reach the third world with high quality technical development information. The archive contains more then 4000 electronic books with information on agriculture, forestry, fisheries, engineering, accountancy, health, education etc etc.

This torrent contains the fifth DVD in the CD3WD 5,0 set. This DVD contains mostly software and is therefor separated from the others in it's own torrent file.

This torrent contains a iso file that can be burned to DVD for installation on computers with limited or no Internet connection.

the.iso file can also of course also be read directly and the files copied out using a utility such as Virtual Clone Drive (without having to burn DVD's).

Install using the “copy_to_C_drive.bat” file. There is also bat files for extracting the archive to another drive the C, these are marked with “copy_to_(X)_drive.bat”  

For more information about installing see the “Readme.txt” found in each DVD.

For more information or online access to the Cd3wd archive.

Sub-note from Alex Weir of

It is our hope that this torrent will encourage more distribution of cd3wd to the Third World, which has been slow over the last 5 years compared with its uptake in the West.  When you go on holiday to third world destinations, take some dvd sets with you or on flash ram or external hard drive.  Leave the dvd's behind, or simply install (with permission) on cybercafe servers.  You can also seek out small shops which sell informal software and give or sell cd3wd dvd's to them.  If you communicate with religious/missionary or Third World Development organisations or with child or adult sponsorship programs, then push these dvd's to them.  The cd3wd website may also in the near future act as a marketplace between potential cd3wd dvd donors and third world dvd recipients - by airmail. Western Donors and International NGO's have been ignoring cd3wd for 5 years now - if you work for these organisations or have contacts in them then push the concept of cd3wd and push the dvd's.


Alex Weir for cd3wd
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