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Name Maelstrom Beta
Torrent Maelstrom Beta
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Description Back in 2015 the BitTorrent company released a browser. Which allowed users to host websites through BitTorrent. I had downloaded it as soon as I had heard of it. I never truly followed the project so when I went to go download it and install it on my new machine I was surprised to find that while the blog post was still there, the url for the download just brings you to the homepage.

So I dug around and found the installer on an older machine. Now this is beta so it isn't a perfect machine and the production of this browser was private so there's not source anywhere for anyone who'd want to continue the project unfortunately. I'm not sure why the download was removed or taken down or neglected. Perhaps the project couldn't gain enough traction for it to kick-off or they're putting it on the back-burner while they work on other projects.

Regardless the beta version does work especially well. As far as I know it only parses HTML and JavaScript at the moment I don't believe PHP is functioning right now I'm going to do some tests and check back with you. But the browser is based off of Chrome and works as advertised.

All you need to do is have your torrent hash put in like this;


Now it's of course also necessary to have the index.html file be in the main directory, and the browser supports simple HTTP style downloads through the hosted websites as well.

While in reality until PHP can be supported and BitTorrent Hashes can hold torrents that change content there's not a lot that can be done as for creating and hosting a website. However using software like HTTrack to backup websites locally and hosted archived websites works phenomenally.

I had earlier posted a  torrent of website archive right before the site was shut down. So this browser allows users to download and visit the website without storing it on their drives and without having to work around opening HTML files either in or outside a HTTP server.
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en3r0 10/01/2017 22.11.49
You should check out Zeronet

It is very similar and actively developed!
David_b 07/01/2017 00.15.30
Looks like an interesting program--thanks!

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