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The softwares I provided here for download are all Free Softwares that are free to use. A few of these few softwares may have professional versions like "C-Cleaner" and "MalwareBytes" which you can upgrade if you want to. But I have extensively researched and used these softwares for years and If you just want basic security you need not to upgrade them to their pro versions. However, if you still want more features you can upgrade them. It is up to you.

I have choosen all these softwares wisely. I have been using some of these softwares for years. And these softwares are all you need to Start with a fresh windows Install. You would not need anything else if you install them. And they all are free.

If you are a student, a working professional, a computer enthusiast then these are the solftwares that can make your life a lot easier. You can also download these softwares from Online from their respective websites but I have compiled all of them here at once place for your ease.

Now, I will give one by one description of each softwares and guide you how to install it and what it does.

1.) Audacity: It is a simple audio recorder. If you need to record anything from your mic or stereo, just use Audacity.

2.) C-Cleaner: It is used to remove temeporary, unused and junk files from your windows PC and make it fresh and faster again.

3.) Foobar2000: It is a lightweight full-fleged MP3 Player. To make it your default Mp3 Player right click on a MP3 File (Song) and click "Open with another program" then select Foobar Payer.  

4.) FastStone Image Viewer: Everyone needs an Image viewer right after installing a fresh windows. FastStone Image Viewr is lightweight and simplest image viewer with full feature. To make a photo open automatically with faststone viewer you have to make it default application for opening photos. To do this, follow the steps that we did in case of Foobar2000 mp3 player.

5.) VLC Media Player: Best Video Player. Watch your videos and movies in VLC Player. Make it default apps like we did in case of above apps.

6.) K-Lite Codec Mega Pack: To run different kinds of video files you will need it. So install this codec pack as soon as you install windows to avoid failure at opening any video file in future. It will integrate with VLC Media player.

7.) Foxit Reader: Everyone needs a PDF reader. Use this lightweight free software to open PDF files.

8.) Kindle-PC-Installer: Best E-book reader. If you are into reading books you know what is it.

9.) Sumatra PDF reader: Very small size lightweight E-Book reader. If you have free E-Books in PDF format you must use Sumatra PDF reader to read them.

10.) Libre Office: Open source free alternative to "Microsoft Office". Libre office has all you will be need for doing your office tasks. It has 'Writer' which is an alternative to 'MS Word' and 'Calc" as an free alternative to "MS excel"

11.) GIMP Image Editor: Free alternative to Photoshop. If you are a student or you frequently  edit your photos, resize and crop them then GIMP Image Editor is your best free choice.

12.) Youtube HD Downloader: A very easy youtube video downloader. If you ever need to download some video from youtube. Just use it. Copy paste the link, choose download size and click "Download".

13.) WinRar: Best file compression tool. If you need to compress your files or you just want to make them lesser in size so that you can carry them in pen drive just use WinRar to compress and secure your files.

14.) TeamViewer: It is a software for remote control, desktop sharing and file transfer between computers.

15.) qBitTorrent: If you need to download large files you will probably use torrent for downloading that file. Use qBitTorrent to download them.

16.) FireFox: Mozilla firefox is one of the best, free and safe internet brower out there. How can we forget it to include. Some people prefer using firefox instead of google chrome browser as chrome heats up your computer.

17.) Google Chrome: Mostly used internet browser. Those who don't want to use firefox can use chrome. My advise is to keep both of them in your PC. Because they both are unique in their own.

18.) MalwareBytes: It is not actually an Antivirus. It removes malwares and spywares from computers. And it is the best in the field. They also premium version which can be downloaded from their website if you need full feature. But for those who cannot afford premium software can also use their free version which is included here.

Best part is free version of malwarebytes doesn't work in real time so it doesn't slow down your PC. You can manually run Virus Scan from time to time or if you have suspicion on any File you can scan that file.

19.) Skype: Skype doesn't need introduction. It is one of the best software used for VOIP calls. smile1.gifsmile1.gifsmile1.gif

Kindly Keep Seeding the Torrent atleast for 10-30 days after downloading in order to keep the torrent active. Thanks! smile1.gif

Kindly, also suggest me what other fee soft-wares shall I add in my Next Update of Free Essential Soft-wares for Windows. From my experience I have almost included all kind of soft-wares that are needed for a working professional and a student. From photo-editing to desktop publishing. From Best Lightweight free Image-viewer to music and video streaming. From VOIP-calling to torrent downloading, from Ebook reading to security softwares and softwares that are needed to keep ur PC clean and fast - almost everything is there. Still if I missed something, please suggest! smile1.gif
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